FLB makes Explorer to perform huge activity: bug?
Started by dejudicibus

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08-12-2005, 06:10 AM -
Yuri Kobets Wrote:It is very much. But... What is your CPU, hard disk? What Windows do you use? What anivirus do you use?

Pentium 4 2GHz, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, WinXP Home, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition.

Yuri Kobets Wrote:During startup Windows reads many many files. And most of antiviruses check all that files for viruses. So if you have ~100 shortcuts antivirus must check ~200 files - this can take 5 minutes not only on slow computers.

Why FLB "read" files? Shouldn't it just create a link for them? What info does it need?

Yuri Kobets Wrote:Free Launch Bar don't have this feature.

What is the advantage of that feature?

Yuri Kobets Wrote:Create menus on toolbar and move shortcuts into menus. Free Launch Bar load icons on toolbar before icons from menus. After loading toolbar icons, FLB loads menus in the second thread. System have more resources to continue startup.

Oh, I already have my shortcuts arranged in ten menus. Each menu is associated to an icon of mines (ie. I designed), and contains 5 up to 15 program shortcuts. I do not need the more advance aestethical features of TLB. FLB is really OK for me, but I would be available to pay a small fee if and advance version of FLB would be improved in term of performances.

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