"Windows List" plugin not supporting Glass effect
Started by Leviathon

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02-16-2010, 05:32 AM -
Awesome! Yuri, you are the man!

The glass effect works perfectly and I LOVE being able to filter by monitor! Thanks so much for adding this feature!

I see that you changed the way the buttons work... clicking a button now closes the application (unless I'm missing something). Since I'm using this as a taskbar on my second monitor, I would like the option to make the buttons work as they did before - that is, simply for switching between applications. Perhaps this could be an option in the settings dialog, or holding down a hotkey (such as CTRL or SHIFT) would change the click action to close rather than switch (and would also place the red X over the top of the icon).

Thanks so much for your incredible support to your customers!

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