"Windows List" plugin not supporting Glass effect
Started by Leviathon

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02-17-2010, 06:17 AM -
EXCELLENT! The changes work perfectly! Thanks so much, Yuri!

If I may be so bold, could I suggest two more enhancements?

1) When starting Standalone TLB, the Window List menu (in tear-off mode) does not remember the monitor placement from the previous state. In other words, I show the Window List menu on my secondary monitor, but when starting Standalone TLB, the menu shows on the primary monitor and I am forced to manually move it to the secondary at each startup.

2) It would great if the application buttons could function as the Windows taskbar buttons do, in that clicking on a button brings the application to the front (as it does now), but clicking again on the button would minimize the application, but only if the application has focus.

I think the plugin works great now, and would not be disappointed if these enhancements didn't make it into the next version for some time. But I would love to see these changes incorporated down the road.

Thanks again for your amazing support!

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