Scroll bar tooltip Bug in News Reader Version 4.4?
Started by gate1975mlm

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07-21-2013, 12:38 PM -
(07-21-2013, 10:23 AM)Yuri Kobets Wrote:
Quote:I installed True Launch Bar 6.5.2 Beta and also News Reader version 4.4 on 2 computers. And for some reason on one of my computers when you highlight a news feed and when the tooltip opens with a scroll bar I am not able to scroll the tooltip with my mouse wheel. Sometimes it moves a tiny bit but not all the way. Where as on my other computer I can move the scroll bar in the tooltips with no issues.
I've found this issue on the news with the big number of images. NR loads images and try to refresh tooltip and this can block scrolling.

I'll try solve this problem.

I also noticed when you have a tooltip open as soon as you move the mouse wheel the tooltip closes right away. Can you change this so the mouse wheel does not close the tooltip?

Thanks again

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