[help] Skinning Media Control Plugin
Started by Unbeliever

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11-11-2004, 03:39 AM -
i`m pretty new with TLB but i must say it`s the best app i ever bought. However i`m having probs with skinning MC plugin and i`d apreciate any help. I`ve got the resources i need for the skin hoever i could use some help with the ini file. I`ve opened a skin ini file and here`s what i need help with:

version= - is this the version of the skin?
background = can we leave this field blank if we don`t want to have bacground?
type= button - does this define if it`s a button or menu?
command=title - what else can be chosen besides this?
rect = 56 8 187 19 - what are these measurements? does they control the position or size of the button? what would they look like if my button was 26x22px?
font=Tahoma - i`m guessing this is used only with meters that output text?
align=left - is this alignment of the text or the whole button?
color = 000000 - text color?

also what dimensions should be the buttons for the animation? what should be the distance between 2 frames?

i want to make a simple control skin that looks like the one in attcahment.

I apreciate the help,

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11-11-2004, 07:43 AM -
ok, i haven't had much time working with 4.2's code so i am basing this code from the iTuned skin.

For the version= line, use "2" as any other number i tried did not work.
As for background= there must be a filename here otherwise it all goes haywire even when i tried to use just a plain transparent .png it did not look good

now for the easier part the [item]s
type= - (button & roller) are the two things that can be here, for what you showed, you will ony need to use button
command= - this defines what type of button/roller to show, there is many commands that can be put here, but you will only need three : playpause(for this you will need extra linesdetails further down) , prev, next
rect= - the first two numbers define where the topLH corner will s start, the second two numbers are where the bottom right corner will be
state#= - this is needed for the playpause command state0 is the default
font, color, align are only needed for text

As for button images they must show the different states in the one image on top of each other :
[Image: threestate.png]
the disabled image is not necessary to my knowledge
they also must all be the same size and for playpuse, they must be next to each other like in the image ^

all in all your .ini file might look like this :
SkinName = Unbeleiever's Skin
Author = Unbeleiver

background = bg.png

rect=12 34 56 78

rect=12 34 56 78

rect=12 34 56 78

PS. if this sounded like too much rambling sorry but its 3am here ](*,) also someone with more intelligence please correct any errors there may be #-o

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11-11-2004, 01:47 PM -
thank you so much!!!

but as every annoying newbie i have some additional questions Tongue

topLH corner = top left hand corner?

also with

rect=12 34 56 78

what is the starting point? it`s 12px from where? top? and 56px from the left border?

or is it 12/56 on canavas? (if so where to define canavas' dimensions? )

sorry for bothering u and thanks once again Smile
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11-11-2004, 05:34 PM -
Hello Unbeliever

Quote:topLH corner = top left hand corner?

Quote:rect=12 34 56 78

12 means the image/icon starts 12 pixels from the left
34 means the image/ixon starts 34 pixels from the top
56 is the end or limit counting from the left
78 is the end or limit counting from the top

Quote:sorry for bothering u
Most regulars here would not consider this a bother. On the contrary we like to help make TLB even better! One thing - If you have a question you may wish to check the forum via the
Search function first.
Quote:thanks once again
You are welcome!
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11-12-2004, 03:08 AM -

on Aqua-Soft.org where i`m a regular i keep telling newbies that they should use search and here i`m making the same mistake :oops:

thanks for the help guys Smile

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