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Parent submenu settings always propagted to children?
06-19-2017, 06:08 PM
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Parent submenu settings always propagted to children?
I am trying to set up the docking point for a parent submenu as "Left - Top", but I want all of its child submenus to use docking point "Right - Top", here are the steps I'm using:

1) Open parent menu and right-click anywhere on it, then "Customize menu..."
2) Check the "Overwrite submenu options" checkbox
3) Menu position > Docking point = "Right - Top"
4) Click OK button to apply

At this point I check and both the parent and the children are using the Right - Top docking point. So far so good.

5) Open parent menu and right-click anywhere on it, then "Customize menu..."
6) Menu position > Docking point = "Right - Top".

Note this time we didn't check the "Overwrite submenu options" checkbox, as we only want to modify the parent. However, the children options are still being overwritten. In other words, in the above procedure, step 2) always happens: even if I don't check the checkbox, TLB behaves as if the checkbox had been checked.

I haven't tested other settings as I'm only trying to get the docking point to work, but in my case the parent docking point is only propagated to child menus whose docking point was initially set to "Default". If I set a child docking point to something other than "Default", then the setting is not overwritten.

During my testing I found that the "Overwrite submenu options" only works properly with the top-level menu, that is, the one that opens when you click a TLB button on the Windows taskbar.

My workaround at the moment is to configure the parent submenu and then configure all of the children one by one. If I set the child menu docking points manually beforehand, this problem does not happen.

Looking at the tlbdata.xml in each subfolder, I notice a line that looks like this:

<options menuAlign="6"/>

The "Overwrite submenu options" option DELETEs this line completely, rather than setting menuAlign to be the same value as the parent.

I wonder if anyone can reproduce this problem, thanks!
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