[Feature Request] Utilize the New Win 10 Fluent Design Glass Tools (Acrylic) in TLB
Started by JTB3

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Hi Yuri,
One of the nicest aesthetic TLB features is the ability to use the original Windows "Aero Glass" functionality for menu backgrounds. However, the only current way in TLB to utilize this feature on systems running Windows 10 or 8 is to use the 3rd party "Aero Glass for Windows (Glass8+)" utility.

Microsoft has now published new Windows 10 transparent glass UI elements (called 'Acrylic') with the release of the new Fluent Design specification. The Acrylic UWP elemnts are now accesible in the most recent Windows 10 versions.

Video DEMO (YouTube)

It would be GREAT if future releases of the TLB could natively access the new Win 10 Fluent 'Acrylic' burred glass background elements, as this would release the current dependency on the Glass8+ utility, which is likely to be abandoned in the near future (read below).

With the new Windows 10 (twice per year) major release schedule, this has put a huge burden on the Glass8+ developer to now have to completely reverse engineer the DWM twice a year (instead of once every 2-years).

This has already resulted in very long delays in publishing Glass8+ updates that are compatible with the latest Windows 10 updates (for example the Win 10 Creators Update was officially released on April 11th 2017, and there still has been NO Glass8+ compatible utility update, we are now in the 12th week since its release). Many Glass8+ forum members now believe that Glass8+ development will grind to a halt, as it will become too time consuming to reverse engineer updates twice annually to keep up with Microsoft.

I understand that this would not be a trivial update to the TLB as it would probably require rewriting a large portion of the UI as a UWP app.

Thanks for listening and your willingness to "Behold the Future." Smile
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