Left side toolbar has orphan or relic on right screen edge
Started by UUUUUUUL

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03-18-2018, 07:03 PM -

I only use one toolbar, i think. This is either an orphan of the one i use on the left or a relic 2nd toolbar.

The toolbar i use is docked to the vertical left edge of screen. It works well and all of it is visible and autoshows and autohides correctly via mouse movement. But I think I have an orphan from when i had it docked to the right edge. Many of my subsequent customizations now appear in both manifestations of the toolbar, left and right screen edge. Other changes that were also made after relocating the toolbar, do not show up on the right edge 'orphan' toolbar.

The top 2 buttons of the same toolbar with the same custom icons ALSO show up on the upper right edge of the screen when the mouse goes to the upper right screen edge. These 2 buttons are the one for Recent items, and then one for a custom folder. The contents of Recent items is actually different on the right than when i go to it on the left, but its custom icon was added to the left screen edge toolbar AFTER i moved it from the right screen edge. On this right edge, below the 2 buttons, there is a ">>" toggle for the rest of the toolbar. Hovering on it shows the rest of the toolbar, with identical custom icons, all created/added long after i changed the toolbar from right to left screen edge.

I hope I am making sense. Unable to generate Bug Report within TLB because I have no email program.

Thank you for a great program and for any help!

[TLB 7.3.5 RC1 (64 bit) - portable]
[Win10pro 64-bit | i7-6900K | 1080Ti 11GB | 34" 3440x1440 100Hz.]
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05-05-2018, 03:22 PM -
1) in case it's useful to see both the intended left and unintended righthand toolbars, here's a screenshot (within another screenshot) of the issue. [see attachment below]. TLB continues to function anyway so it seems like a minor issue.

2) Possibly related to this, i dont know, is that on every reboot of the pc, the desktop appears with the outer edge extended of the lefthand tlb toolbar: as if i'd moved the mouse to the left screen edge to make the toolbar slide out, except all that is visible is the beveled edge or its shadow, not the toolbar contents, icons, dividers or any thing else. So it's like just the outline of the toolbar with the desktop visible inside the outline. I have to click on the desktop to make this fantom toolbar retract. After that TLB works normally and the issue only recurs at the next reboot.

again, these are both minor issues, to me. love your program!
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