Volume control problem with xml, cannot change icon based on volume
Started by Chaoss

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01-23-2019, 10:53 AM -
Hi, new post here I'm having some problems with the Volume control plugin

The first is the skin I'm trying to make has an icon that changes based on the volume, however the volume control plugin although the functionallity is there, refuses to 'read' the volume and thus the icon does not change.

the code I'm using is here

        <image command="volume" value="volume" max-value="100" margin-top="0" margin-right="0" margin-left="0">
            <state value="100" file="icons\audio-volume-100.png" />
            <state value="66" file="icons\audio-volume-66.png" />
            <state value="33" file="icons\audio-volume-33.png" />
            <state value="0" file="icons\audio-volume-0.png" />

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