Please understand the True Launch Bar FAQ site
Started by cmishima

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03-25-2002, 10:13 PM -
I am working hard to update and develop the True Launch Bar FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) site. Please understand that I must be careful to add items slowly and not delete so many older items because some items are relevant to earlier versions of True Launch Bar. Not *everybody* is using the latest version of True Launch Bar. For example the newest FAQ item is about the metrics option. This is *only* available in version

[Image: metrics.jpg]

However I must keep another FAQ that talks about icon sizes because it applies to True Launch Bar version

[Image: iconsize2.jpg]

Of course we are lucky that Mr. Kobets improves True Launch Bar so quickly but such quick changes make it very hard work to keep FAQ up to date.

In future I will try to add VERSION NUMBER to items.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please read the True Launch Bar FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
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