When application is installed the icon is automatically added to TLB, how disable?
Started by Retko

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12-17-2021, 09:11 AM -

sometime, when I install something, the  icon of this application is added to the TLB. But I want to disable this automatic addition. Is it possible and how? Thank you.
Yuri Kobets
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01-03-2022, 07:37 AM -
This is because True Launch Bar uses the same folder for shortcuts as the standard Quick Launch. The only way to disable this - change the toolbar folder.
Open TLB Settings->Options->Toolbars and create new toolbar. The copy all files (including hidden) from old toolbar folder to the new one and switch into the new toolbar:
Right-click the empty space of toolbar, select Switch toolbar menu item and click your toolbar name.

You'll get the same toolbar, but installation programs don't know the path of the toolbar and don't add shortcuts to your toolbar.

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