Can you perform an action when clicking on a sub-menu button?
Started by LindaLooUK

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05-08-2022, 07:31 AM -
Long time user of TLB and still find it invaluable.  Big Grin 

I'm just wondering....

Suppose you have a TLB taskbar menu and there's an item on it that opens a sub-menu when you hover over it.  Is it possible to have an action performed if you CLICK on the sub-menu button?

To be specific, I have a button called Explorer.  When you hover over the Explorer button a sub-menu appears showing 4 different folder locations so that you may open a particular location in Windows Explorer.  Is there a workround that will allow you to click the Explorer button so that it performs another action?  For example I might want to open Windows Explorer at its default location rather than have the sub-menu appear and then make a selection.

I don't think this is possible but perhaps I'm missing something?  Anyway, I was just biggie.  Wink

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