Using the Waether Monitor plugin
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09-17-2002, 06:42 PM -
We all like to know what the weather will be like. There are many weather checking and forecasting sites on the internet.

Instead of constantly logging onto these sites True Launch Bar can maintain a weather check and report for you in real time with the Weather Monitor plugin.

After installing the True Launch Bar Weather Monitor plugin you will first have to set the plugin to which city you want to know the updated weather for.

First Weather Monitor plugin will show you a configuration screen like this:

[Image: weather1.jpg]

Select the Weather Underground from the drop down menu and click on the double chevron to the right of the drop down box.

Click Ok on the following dialog box to go to the Weather Underground site.

[Image: weather2.jpg]

Search for the city you want to check and press find. Here my example is PARIS, France

[Image: weather3.jpg]

After selecting the particular Paris you want the Weather Underground will show you the complete weather report for that city.

Take note and copy the URL for that report as indicated like this

[Image: weather4.jpg]

Paste that information into the URL box on the Weather Monitor properties box

[Image: weather5.jpg]

Close the properties and you will see a True Launch Bar ICON that shows you the current weather conditions for the city you have requested.

[Image: weather6.jpg]

There are many options available as to how you display the weather on the ICON which can be set in the properties. Try different ways to see the weather report on the True Launch Bar.

Please read the True Launch Bar FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
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