Flatten Virtual Folder
Started by JCinDE

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02-06-2014, 05:55 AM -
I would like to be able to have a virtual folder style menu that finds all files matching the filter anywhere in the folder and shows them all in the menu.

For instance, I have a projects folder in which all of my Visual Studio projects are stored. The Visual Studio solution files are all in separate subfolders a few levels deep. I would like to be able to set the virtual folder to find all of those solution files and show them all as one menu without submenus.

Is this currently possible?
Yuri Kobets
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02-06-2014, 04:35 PM -
I thought this is possible by default. But now I see this possible but with "small hack". Anyway this "hack" is supported.

Open Windows Explorer with the root folder with Visual Studio solution files. And type the in search box "*.sln" or ny other filter. Windows Explorer will show the result. It is possible to create the shortcut to this search result. Just drag the icon from the Windows Explorer address bar and drop it on desktop or any other folder.

How to add these search results to TLB as virtual folder:
1. Create TLB menu (note: this must be the normal menu, not a virtual folder)
2. Copy the shortcut to the search results to the created menu and rename it into "namespace"

The real file name of the shotcut file is "namespace.lnk". You have to use the command line or any other file manager (like FAR) that can change the extension of the shortcuts. Rename the namespace.lnk to namespace.fld, refresh TLB and your folder become the "virtual folder" with your search results.

In the next version I'll try to make the support of the search results folders.

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