solved Need Different Options for Menu Appearance Delay
Started by danmeek

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12-10-2014, 03:22 PM -
When mousing around in a toolbar with multi-level menu items in it, the menus keep popping out when I do not want to see them. Yes, I could change the settings so that mousing does not activate the menu (without a click). But it would be nicer if TLB had a setting to simply delay the start of a menu's appearance when moused over. You have a setting similar to that, but it merely delays the completion of the menu's appearance (with various effects), not the delay in the start of the menu's appearance. Also, that option requires the user to choose an effect, when I actually want no effect at all. Just the delay.
You might think that this is covered by the "popup menu on mouse hover" option in TLB Settings. But that delay only applies to the first menu that pops up due to mouse hover. If I continue to move the mouse, other menus pop up with no delay.
However, what I want is accomplished with the "Auto popup next first level menu" option under Mouse in TLB settings. SOLVED.
What does "Time before delayed menu open" mean?
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12-13-2014, 01:25 AM -
Quote:What does "Time before delayed menu open" mean?
The delayed menus are the menus with default item. When you click the menu TLB runs the default item, to acsess other menu items, press mouse button and hold it down until menu appear.


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