Address Book v4.1
Started by Yuri Kobets

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Yuri Kobets
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05-02-2015, 09:31 AM -
Address Book v4.1 is released for True Launch Bar.

Address Book plugin show your contacts as menu. You can create new contact using hotkey, group contacts in sub menus and change the appearance of records. Plugin uses HTML as template for records in the menu.

  • Using litehtml as HTML redering engine.
  • Added search contacts support.
  • Added skins support based on HTML templates.
  • Added interactive tips support.
  • Redesigned popup tips text.
  • The saved templates are shared between different plugins.
  • Added new fields into "Websites" section: facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.
  • Many other minor improvements and changes.

[Image: 6.png] [Image: 5.png] [Image: 7.png]

Home page
Source codes
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