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preventing steal of the focus
05-07-2016, 02:10 PM
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preventing steal of the focus

Thanks again for this wonderful app it's perfect to me...

Anyway I would like to use it for improving the workflow while working with some apps.
The goal is to bring some additional toolbars and menus that can interact directly with some apps using the power of TLB.

With an autohotkey script, I managed to get that the mouse click on a TLB toolbar or a menu doesn't steal the window focus. TLB Menus and Toolbars are click-able but they don't activate. Like that I can send keystroke via an autohotkey script.

Problem: Each time a menu is hidden and showed again, the original behavior is coming back

Here is my feature request:

Can we have a setting that say: "prevent focus stealing" ?

Demo to show the benefits of this feature:

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