Many Bugs in HotKeys, so a Suggestion
Started by jlucco

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06-23-2016, 05:13 AM -
Hello Yuri,

I have a suggestion to make about HotKeys.
Maybe you're aware of it but, there are so many bugs in the HotKeys area. It's not very much important if you don't have lots of HotKeys defined. I don't mind you wasting so much time for solving those HotKey bugs but I have a suggestion in order to solve the problem.
We can already export defined HotKeys as an html file. Could you make an option to IMPORT from that pre-exported html file? If you could make that happen, it would be very easy for us to recover from various HotKey issues.
The restore option from tlbbackup file does not work for me in this situation. Because restoring from previous software versions' backup on a newer version is definitely not an healthy option for my point of view.


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