True Lauch Bar margin below toolbar issue (+++)
Started by faith_healer

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Question  07-12-2016, 04:13 AM -
Good day, TLB TechSupport!

I have an issue with True Lauch Bar with recent releases (at least 7.3) on Windows 10.

some tests with True Launch Bar 7.3:

1) single row taskbar
looks okay, normal margin below TLB toolbar.
[Image: o1yaQN4.png]

2) tried to stretch the taskbar height to make it taskbar with two rows.
it adds hude margin below TLB toolbar instead.
[Image: 8RVQwQh.png]

3) taskbar with two rows and hude margin below TLB toolbar.
[Image: hfax1KI.png]

3) removing TBL, no additional toolbars.
taskbar with two rows, normal margin.
[Image: 3PYhbdV.png]

4) extending taskbar to 3 rows.
normal margin.
[Image: j5Rc1xD.png]

5) adding QuickLaunch toolbar with Windows 10 settings.
2 rows taskbar, normal margin.
[Image: j5Rc1xD.png]

6) reducing number of QuickLaunch toolbar rows to the single one, normal margin.
[Image: 62DbHiP.png]

that's it.

PS. I've tried different settings and resets. Am I wrong?

Best regards, Alex

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