Using the Winamp plugin
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01-17-2003, 11:36 PM -
This FAQ was written by True Launch Bar member Shapeshfter. Thank you for your kind assistance.
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The Winamp Control plugin gives you quick access to the play controls of your favorite audio player without having to pin a bulky player window to the top of your desktop. It can be configured to display the standard controls (play/pause, stop, previous track, next track, and open) on your taskbar or toolbar. Depending on the skin you choose, the plugin might also provide a song position display, song title display, and/or volume control slider.

To use the plugin, download and install as normal. Make sure to reboot when the installation is complete.

Now right click anywhere on your True Launch Bar, click New, then select Winamp Control.

[Image: winamp1.jpg]

You can name the plugin anything you like. This name will appear in the plugin's tooltip. When your audio player is active, the tooltip will also display the song title. When you are finished, Click OK.

[Image: winamp2.jpg]

In the next window, you configure the behavior and appearance of the plugin. Select the audio player you would like to control with this plugin (1).

Note for Winamp 3.0 users: To use Winamp Control with Winamp 3.0 you must install Winamp 2.x Plugin Manager for Winamp 3.

Note for QCD 3 users: To use Winamp Control with QCD 3 you must copy QCDtlb.dll from <install folder>\SupportPlayers into QCD plugins folder. If you used LiveUpdate to update Winamp Control Plugin download QCDtlb.dll here.

Next, click the elipsis ("...") button to browse for and select your audio player's executable (2). If you aren't sure which file this is, find the shortcut to your audio player, right click it, and select properties. Click the shortcut tab, then highlight everything in the box to the right of the word "Target". Right click this text, and select copy. Now go back to your Winamp Control Plugin window, and right click the box to the right of the phrase "Path to player:" (2) and select paste.

[Image: winamp3.jpg]

The drop down boxes for Skin and Layout (3 and 4) are entirely up to your preference. Changing either of these settings will update the Preview (5), which shows how the plugin will look on your taskbar or toolbar. You can find more skins in the True Launch Bar Skins Library.

After you click OK, you can use your new Winamp Control plugin like a remote control for your audio player. The play control buttons function as you would expect. Click them to execute the desired command. If your audio player isn't running, it will be started for you. If your skin has a song position display, you can click it to toggle between current position and time remaining. Clicking the song title display (if applicable) will start or stop scrolling. Finally, if your chosen skin has one, dragging the volume control slider to the right will increase the volume, while dragging it left will cause the volume to decrease. Also, clicking anywhere in the range of the volume control slider will "jump" it to that position.
Please read the True Launch Bar FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
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