TLB Clock Improvements - Suggested/Requested Improvements
Started by mphilmon

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10-13-2003, 10:42 AM -
I like the plugin for the most part. However, there are a few options which would greatly improve the usability of this plug-in in a heavily skinned environment.
1) You should be able to scale/size the skinned icon just like all the other icons used in TLB. If the icon used, for example, the Radar-Green should scale to the size of the shortcut icons.
2) The icons for nearly all the skins I've looked at don't position themselves properly within the True Launch Bar. Currently my Taskbar is positioned going top-down the left side of my screen. When I look at my TLB and compare the relative positions of the TLB icons and the Clock plugin, the clock is over too far to the right sufficiently enough that I have to greatly increase the size of my task bar to make it fit properly which messes up everything else. It's like there's an empty "buffer" of space to the left of the actual icon. Very irritating.
3) Considering the small size of most task bars, the text settings should be far more customizable... I'd like to be able to break both the date AND time into multiple lines. For instance, "1:00" on one line, "pm" on the next. All date and time lines should be able to have different font and color sizes.
4) Another interesting idea would be a rollover pop-up like a shortcut that would "explode" the skin to a larger size almost like the Mac's (eek) Dockbar. Then I could set a small size that fits my desktop environment and still use a cool skin in the exploded view... if that makes sense to you.

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