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Full Version: Latest Launchbar - Why all this crap? - Crap!
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Why the new "Unregistered" text under the TrueSoft text and the BIG RED #### boxes that appear at random whenver you launch something? The way it was done before was acceptable, but this is just getting silly. I can understand that the author want more people to register, but I doubt this is the way, and for all shareware testers like me, it is on the edge that I switch back to regular quicklaunch or just find some other alternative, because this just became too much "Buy My Shareware" shoved in my face.
Nag box will runs every 2 clicks (may be i turn if into 3-4 clicks).
Really don't like how things are evolving, all my favourite shareware applications are forcing me to use old (outdated) versions just because their newer versions have their new Greedâ„¢ functions in it with popups and banners all over the place.

Examples are NetCaptor, TrueLaunchBar and now even WinRAR. I'm a student in Sweden, even if I wanted it would be great hassle for me to register these applications, and I think this is a common situation. I know the difference between freeware quality software and shareware, and all mentioned above are atleast worth some sort of fee, but greed are getting too much out of hand, especially when you notice huge red nagscreens in your favourite software latest version.

I have (sadly) switched back to an old beta and will probably stay with it.
Most of us who have paid for TLB just want whining freeloaders like you to go away.

Nobody believes you when you say it's too much hassle to pay &#3610 and register from Sweden. Complete BS.

(Edited by Doug Smith at 11:49 am on Sep. 11, 2001)
I payed for Windows Me and Office 2000 through my university, payment was smooth and the price is no issue since those was needed for my studies.

I use TLB because I have many shortcuts that just don't fit into the QuickLaunch without hogging too much taskbar space. End of story.

Didn't mean to upset, just wanted to comment on the huge gigantic new bright red nag boxes, that's all...
Just pay the little amount of money for it.. it is well worth it.. if you did not use it so much you would not get so many screens... Wink So you must use it alot and like it..

I payed for Windows 2000 Pro
Windows XP Pro 2002
Office XP Pro with Frontpage
Adobe Photoshop 6
Dreamweaver UltraDev 4
PSP 7.02
PhotoImpact 6
Adobe LiveMotion
Adobe Illustrator 9.0
Desktop X
neeed I go on?
and so much more..

You name programs that cost so much, and yet you can not spare &#3610 for True Launch Bar? -=/

Plain and simple (you like a program/you use a program/ You Buy A Program)

(Edited by Eric J Johnson at 7:28 am on Sep. 7, 2001)
Agreed with you Eric. Absolutely anybody who has a computer can afford &#3610 for TLB.

Some people will spend thousands of dollars on super computer hardware and then try to avoid paying few &#36&#36 on software. What good is the best computer without software.
Doug, he's complaining about Shareware limits of the software so obviously he's not running a warez version.

Not every School Kid has access to a Visa to pay for software. Kinda hard to pay cash over the net now isn't it?
Captin what in the world are you ramblin about?...
lol, you have no idea eh? Wink
I do not recall anyone saying anything about warez in this whole board, are you saying you are into that? and gave him your code? -=/
He is complaining because of the pop-ups.. there is not
limitations of the software, just pop-ups.. Wink

Who cares if he is a school kid or not (he said he bought stuff from his "university" which would mean he prob has a part time job, and is not a kid but like 19-24 Wink, he said he bought
Windows ME and Office 2000.. hummm those are pretty darn pricey if you ask me.. Wink, I am sure he has &#3610.. he just does not want to pay for the great lil program.. Wink
I am also sure he has a mommy and daddy, as if my little girl were older and used the PC, I would buy it for her in a sec... Wink

(Edited by Eric J Johnson at 4:15 am on Sep. 11, 2001)
Obviously Eric you didn't see Doug's original post before he edited it. He stated that he was probably running some 'warez version'.

Just because he's had money to buy programs at his univ. doesn't mean he has a Credit Card now does it?

Most Students who have a part time job don't make enough money to have a credit card until after schooling is done unless ma and pa got the dough and give him one.

As far as myself, I'm runninng a shareware version too and will be registering as well. I've only been using the program for a short time and I wanted to see how much effort was put into the program before I spent any money on it. I've seen a number of shareware products go untouched after a couple of initial releases.

I plan on purchasing a 4 pack license for all the machines in my house.

Speaking of Warez, what corner street vendor did you buy your copy of XP Pro 2002 from? Wink

(Edited by Captain Caveman at 12:40 pm on Sep. 11, 2001)
LOL!, I do not have time for little (online fights) so....
and for XP Pro.. (Company I work for, a ISP) So much hate on the web today.. this just gets sad sometimes..

I was just pointing out facts.

Wasn't starting anything.

Take it easy.
I read it.
You were.
Let's move on now.