TLB suggestions/bugs
Started by Unbeliever

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02-06-2005, 04:48 PM -
After using TLB for few months i can freely say that it`s by far one of the best apps i ever used and Yuri has been one of the kindest developers. Many things i wanted, i found in TLB, yet i`d like to suggest few more i think would be usefull in general.

First i`d like to start with the My Computer menu.

I made a virtual menu leading to My Computer. However i found few things that could use improvement and bugfixes.

First, USB and External drives don`t remember their settings and icons. For exaple, i keep setting my external USB HD and USB DVD burner to "Don`t expand" and i change their icons. But each time i mount them, none of the settings are saved.

Then, each time i unmount a drive, instead of the icon dissapearing from the virtual menu, it`s stays there and displays the "unaviable drive" icon. It would be nice if it dissapeared, like it appeared, upon mounting/unmounting a drive.

Also it would be great if we could rename drives in My Computer virual menu. I know i can use TweakUI to remove drive letters, but i need them sometimes, yet i hate seeing "My Drive (C:\)" in the menu, instead od renaming it to my choice (or in my case, just removing the drive letter)

This has been mentioned before, but removing unused icons from the save files would be great and would help reduce the size of the saved file.

Another thing i found was that "Load on startup" doesn`t always work.

For example, i have a virtual menu for a drive where i keep all of my documents and i only want to have my Programs and Pictures folder expanding. I`ve set that and it works fine (the other folders i`ve set not to expand do just as designed). I`ve set this Virtual Menu to "Load on tartup" and it does that (there is no lag when i open it for the first time.

However, even though Programs and Pictures folders are set to expand and have "Load on startup" selected, each time i open them after i restart/turn on my computer, i get the annoying "loading" even though i don`t have many files in them and it was few mins after the computer turned on.

The last thing i`d like to see fixed is about the MediaPlugin. i`m using it for controlling iTunes and each time i close iTunes i get the "One or more applications is using iTunes scripting interface...." and i would like to see that avoided. I`m sure this is the fault of the Media plugin cause when i change it to WinAmp or close TLB, iTunes closes normally.

Also i`d like to repeat my request for a quick player change option i mentioned in this thread since i think it would be a great option, especially for pple who use more than one player, like iTunes and WinAmp like i do.

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Thanks in advance Yuri Smile

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