TLB menu view suggestions
Started by Unbeliever

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03-09-2005, 02:13 AM -
Good suggestions, Unbeliever. Keep them coming Smile

Unbeliever Wrote:1. An option to have the background of the menu transparent (user would be able to set the transparency) and keep the text and the icon opaque would be great.
This seems to be the same as the request in this topic, and is a feature I've been hoping for!

Unbeliever Wrote:5. I have 2 "Win" keys on my keyboard. i was wondering if there was any way i could use one as a hotkey for TLB. when i try to use it now, Start menu pops up ( i know it`s meant to be that way, but i don`t need 2 win keys )
The scan codes for left and right Windows keys are different, so this could be used as you describe. However, my Micro$oft keyboard only has one windows key (on the left). There is always the Alt-Gr key to the right of the keyboard that is rarely used. Perhaps this needs to be a configurable option?!?!
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