True launcher bar in second monitor?
Started by wetware05

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Gary Mugford
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03-05-2020, 01:28 PM -

While NOT perfect, it's more perfect for TrueLaunchBar than any other multi-monitor app that I've tried thus far, UltraMon. I did what you did, which was to experiment with DisplayFusion. Liked a LOT of some of it, didn't like the lack of second monitor Toolbar support, nor the answer that it is on the list of things to do ... and had been for about four years at the point I bought the license. I didn't return it, I had a laptop that I was going to use it on. But even there, I found myself wanting the simplicity of TLB on a simple toolbar. So, my DF license will lay unused forever. There's one contender I have NOT tried, Actual Buttons. The full fledged Actual Window Manager offers a LOT of things. Enough to make it worth the money??? Can't tell you. But if you want to buy a solution that WORKS with TLB, UltraMon is a good answer.

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