plugins are useless - why use plugins
Started by sdennis91

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12-14-2003, 03:22 PM -
Hello Everyone

Well we have about the opposite situation as shapeshifter on this, our testing computer. All at the same time we have running:

Custom Weather Monitor 1.2beta
WorldFlash News Ticker Gold M5.37
(one of the) Instant Messengers
An radio station re-broadcasted on the internet
A Firewall
An anti-virus program
An anti-worm program
Two anti spyware programs
A cookie manager program
An anti-ad program
A registry protection program
Cacheman memory management

Windows 98SE
IE 6.0 SP1

We probably forgot one or two. We do not get crashes. So.....If we have this stability with what we have then surely your machine can do better. All it will take is a patient, careful analysis and implementation of the solution.

Yes - we know it would be so great to just download interesting programs and have them run with no problems but since Microsoft left us with such a problem-ridden operating system it is a wonder that the third-party developers can even write programs that work as well as they do.

We wish you the best. If we can help we will make a post.
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