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Yuri Kobets
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02-07-2005, 03:35 PM -
Quote:First, USB and External drives don`t remember their settings and icons. For exaple, i keep setting my external USB HD and USB DVD burner to "Don`t expand" and i change their icons. But each time i mount them, none of the settings are saved.

Then, each time i unmount a drive, instead of the icon dissapearing from the virtual menu, it`s stays there and displays the "unaviable drive" icon. It would be nice if it dissapeared, like it appeared, upon mounting/unmounting a drive.
Thank you for bug report. In the next version this bug will be fixed.

Quote:Also it would be great if we could rename drives in My Computer virual menu. I know i can use TweakUI to remove drive letters, but i need them sometimes, yet i hate seeing "My Drive (C:\)" in the menu, instead od renaming it to my choice (or in my case, just removing the drive letter)
OK, I'll try to add this feature in one of the next versions.

Quote:Another thing i found was that "Load on startup" doesn`t always work.
Where the Programs and Pictures folders are located? If these folders are inside other Virtual Folder then you must turn on the option "Load on startup" for all parent virtual folders.

Other thing that can cause the "loading" message: on startup performance is very low becaue of loading many services and programs TLB load menu using low priority thread so maybe you are too fast. Try to wait some time while Windows stop read something from disk and check you "Load on startup" folders.

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