TLB suggestions/bugs
Started by Unbeliever

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02-11-2005, 05:47 AM -
Here are some more things i`d like to see and also a bug that re-appeared.

One of the things that was the most annoying in 3.2 was that it wasn`t sorting folders correctly. It would mix them even thought the folder was set to "sort by type" it would mix the folders and the files. 3.2.1 fixed this but 3.2.2 re-introduced this bug, although somewhat differently. Now it mixes the folders but it mixed them alphabetically and doesn`t mix them file files. I attached a screenshot of whatis going on. What i`d like to see is sorting by type the way it`s done in windows. It would first sort them by type and then alphabetically.

[Image: sorting.jpg]

Then there is one thing i`d really like to see in TLB 3.3.
I have a virtual menu with all of my files, sorted by folders. Most of them i`ve set to "do not expand" but some like "Pictures" and "Programs" i want to be able to browse. However i only want to see the 1st level of those folders (so i could see folders of programs inside the "Programs" folder).

For the "Pictures" foder it was easy cause i have only 5 subfolders in it and i`ve manually set them to "do no expand". That way i have my TLB menu this way:

My Files TBL button
............. - Family photos
............. - Wallpapers
............. - Screenshots
............. (and this is where i run into a problem)

In my "Programs" folder i keep all of the apps i use, each inside a folder with app's name. I have a lot (60+) folders in there and it would be very, very annoying and time consuming to go through them and set each one to "do not expand". What i suggest is an option to set the number of levels a "folder" would expand. So one could have a folder expand to all levels, or convenietnly expand the number of sublevel at his will.

That way i could have the following structure:

My Files TBL button
............. - Family photos
............. - Wallpapers
............. - Screenshots
............. - TLB
............. - WinAmp
............. - WMP
............. - and so on, without having to set each of those sub folders to not expand.

[Image: Levels.jpg]

I also mentioned this few times before but i`d really like to see this in the Media plugin since it would be much easier to change players for people like me who use more than one player. I tried some tricks i found on the boards but none of them worked very well.

[Image: media.jpg]

I would also like to ask if and how we can set the margins for the items in the menu. I tried changing the setting for "left/right margin of icon view menu' in the "Margins" part of TLB settings, but it didn`t seem to work.

[Image: margin.jpg]

Thanks again for listening to us Yuri.

System and app specs:

TLB 3.2.2 beta
Media plugin
XP Pro Service Pack 1
Shell 6.0.2800.1106
IE 6.0.2800.1106

P4 2.66Ghz
512mb DDR 333
Ati Mobility R9000 w 64DDR

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