True launcher bar in second monitor?
Started by wetware05

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03-04-2020, 12:19 PM -
Hello. A cordial greeting.

I am a "True Launcher" user for years and it is the first thing I urge to reinstall the computer from scratch, because it speeds up the use of the computer.

My question is if I could not expand the program to activate the secondary monitor bar, and be able to make use of "True Launcher" on the second monitor. It is now common to have two monitors. The microsoft secondary bar doesn't allow you to do many things. It does not accept "True Launcher" on the second bar. The "current window manager" company does, but that program is very invasive and creates problems.Dodgy I've also tried "Display Fusion", which takes a long time to load and I don't like it either.

Is there any other program that puts the second taskbar and allows "True Launcher bar"?

I hope I can do it. Tongue

Thank you.
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True launcher bar in second monitor? - by wetware05 - 03-04-2020, 12:19 PM

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