accepted (Feature Requests) For Key State plugin!
Started by gate1975mlm

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02-03-2012, 08:17 AM -
Hello Yuri Smile

Can you please add the following features to Key State Plugin?

1. When "Key State" is hidden from the taskbar please add the option to have a notification for "Caps Lock is On" and "Caps Lock is Off" message displayed on the monitor. Please see screenshot below for example of how I would like it to be. Same for "Number Lock is On" "Number Lock is Off" and "Scroll Lock is On" "Scroll Lock is Off".

I would like an option for the message to be displayed on the monitor whether Key State is in the taskbar or not. Also with the option to change the color of the font.

2. Option for a "wav file" to play when I press the Caps,Number or scroll lock buttons.

3. Please add the option to only display one of the following in the taskbar "NL, CL or SL"
For example only displaying "CL" in the taskbar without NL and SL.

Thanks Smile
Just wanted update you on this feature request!

I was thinking you could also have an option for a big icon of a "lock" locked or unlocked with CL,NL,SL on it when you use the 3 different keys Smile

Something like in the screenshot below Smile
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