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Virtual Deskzop suggestion - How can i do?
12-30-2003, 04:23 AM
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hi there,
first of all a big thank you for that fantastic tool called TrueLaunchBar.
it makes the work much easier and faster!

i tried the virtual desktop plugin. worked fine too.
but is it possible to add a function to send different programs to different desktops. e.g. ms word is started on desktop 1, but now i like to have word on desktop 4. i.m.h.o. the powertoys for winxp can do that. perhaps a short cut for this? in the focused window shift+alt+desktop_number or something like that....

i don't know who has written this plug-in. but if it's possible to get the source i will try to add this feature by myself.
but i don't think it's open source, or is it?

best regards

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