True Launch Bar, getting too complex? - Time for 'Basic' and 'Advanced' modes?
Started by mark76uk

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03-26-2004, 08:18 PM -
I love the adaptability of True Launch Bar, but to me it's
beginning to look too complex. I'm a computer technician,
still I find the options a little scary.

I think that just the essential options should be shown as
default, with an 'advanced' mode hiding the forest of
details. This would give beginner and basic users a far
happier time. Perhaps even advanced users would benefit
from reduced options in casual use?

I understand the difficulty of presenting so many similar
options. Remembering the discussion when Yuri changed
the options box last year, I still believe the menus and
boxes are too daunting.

/Mark Smile
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03-26-2004, 08:56 PM -
Hello mark76UK

Long time no hear from! Yes we agree to have two modes. This would not establish a precedent as the well known program Spybot S&D has done such a thing as seen in the image below taken from the Start menu.

Be seeing you.
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03-27-2004, 04:03 AM -
Agreed! To the average user, the plethora of options in TLB is going to be daunting. Maybe it's time to look at having the majority of the configuration performed external to the main program again?

Yuri, to his credit, has worked hard to put in a lot of the features we've requested but from what I've seen on the board, skins seem to be the biggest source of problems - specifically Weather Monitor as Yuri shot himself in the foot a little by giving us such a flexible plugin! Anything that can be done to make the average users life easier is only going to make TLB a better product and the toolbar backup and restore function will ease the installation of skins and custom toolbar configurations tremendously.
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03-27-2004, 12:46 PM -
I agree too. There are too many options. I've tried to make the 'lite' mode as wisard. But after some time I understand that I do not know what options must be there. The only thing that can be included into lite mode - skins selection. Other options can be hidden.
On the other hands by default TLB have 'recomended' settings and user can open TLB settings only to enter registration key and change skin. Also it is possible to install some predefined profiles with TLB.
If we tell about creating buttons on toolbar then the process is simply (by my mind) and as close to Windows standards as possible: Drag&Drop, right-click menu.
What I must to do - to simplify the distribution of ready-to-use toolbars. Now backup/restore works fine but there are many problems with skins (for TLB and plugins). Now icons can be saved with toolbar in the future versions I'll make same for skins.
Other thing - linked skins: when you change TLB skin you change skin for all plugins.

And there are will be HELP file Wink

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