RTL language title text reversed‎
Started by Gavriel Gery

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Gavriel Gery
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03-23-2018, 02:08 AM -
When a menu is created with RTL language title, the text is reversed. For example a ‎Menu created with the title “‎כך זה אמור להראות‎” shows ”‎תוארהל רומא הז ךכ‎‏"‏‎.‎

The Hebrew language text “‎כך זה אמור להראות‎” means something. ”‎תוארהל רומא ‏הז ךכ‎‏"‏‎ is meaningless gibberish. The same problem with tips. It happens only with ‎the highest level menu buttons of the toolbar. Sub menus behave correctly. If that ‎problematic menu is pulled down to be a sub menu the problem doesn’t take place. ‎I tries the beta version of “True Launch Bar”. It has the same malfunction. I didn’t ‎check with other kind of buttons.‎

There is a work around. "http://spellbackwards.com" supply a text reversing service at ‎no cost. If fixing the problem is too hard for you, lead your RTL language customers ‎to that link. However it’s a risk to rely on them. They might change their policy and ‎charge one day.‎

In the RTL language family, Arabic Farsi and Urdu, are found. The number of ‎RTL letter readers is about ½ a billion. I think it’s a nice piece of a market place. I ‎suggest you fix it. ‎

Good business day

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