Drag/Drop with Duplicate names recap
Started by NetMage

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06-02-2006, 10:19 AM -

Any update on setting options to better handle drag and drop of menus?

(I just did this again, and had to delete the old name and rename the new name - I'll have to use Explorer to do this from now on - you can't let Microsoft have a better interface than you! Big Grin )

From an earlier post:

I generally install updates to software and then drag the new menu into a category menu (i.e. Pocket PC or Audio Apps) after the installation.

In Windows, this prompts if I want to overwrite, and I say Yes.

In TLB, this renames the new one (I assume) to have a 1 on the end. I then delete the old menu and rename the new one.

How about an option to Rename New, Rename Old, Replace Old, Copy Over Old (like Windows overwrite), or Prompt?

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