True Launch Bar v8.0
Started by Yuri Kobets

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Yuri Kobets
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12-01-2022, 01:48 PM -
True Launch Bar v8.0 is released

What's new:
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 11
  • Improved compatibility with HiDPI monitors
  • Improved auto sensing
  • Some minor bugs fixed
Also there are two significant changes: New features
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12-05-2022, 12:57 PM -
Thanks for the update. Curious as to why this has become Freeware?
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12-06-2022, 02:07 PM -
(12-05-2022, 12:57 PM)SeismicGuy Wrote: Curious as to why this has become Freeware?
You can read about it here:

Interesting move, hope it somehow helps True Launch Bar.
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Heart  01-08-2023, 07:40 AM -
Hello Yuri

I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing v8 for Windows 11 (64) and for all your hard work over the years.  Heart

I've used TLB for more years than I care to remember and despite the taskbar improvements made by Microsoft I still much prefer to use my custom True Launch Bar toolbars.  

Stay well and keep safe and happy.  Smile

Best wishes,

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01-29-2023, 11:06 PM -
Hi Yuri,
I would like to many thank you for having created the best launcher applcation ever ! I use it since few years now
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02-13-2023, 11:30 PM -
Спасибо, Юрий. Жалько теперь некуда ввести регистрационный ключ!
Thanks, Yuri. It's a pity now there is no place to enter a registration key now!
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03-06-2023, 12:43 AM -
Hi Yuri,

I also wanted to say a BIG thank you for providing TLB 8.0 for Windows 11 and for all your amazing work and efforts in supporting us over the years.

I too have been using TLB for many years and despite the many taskbar improvements made by Microsoft, I still much prefer to use my custom TLB toolbar.

I recently upgraded my PC from Win 10 to Win 11, and after a bit of tinkering and learning the new options, I managed to get my good old TLB toolbar up and running, WITHOUT using ExplorerPatcher or StartAllBack etc.

To be honest, I was a little nervous that I would lose my TLB toolbars, but I am happy to say that it's business as usual again. There are a couple of bugs, such as: (1) the Auto-Hide not hiding the toolbar after making changes (the solution is to turn off Auto-Hide then back on), and (2) the toolbar completely disappearing when floating it over the Win 11 toolbar. But hopefully you can squash those issue in an upcoming update.

It would also be great to get some in-app or online help regarding the new options in the Toolbar Properties dialog box.

Thanks again!

PS. And hopefully your "situation" will improve and the world can go back to some degree of normalcy and peace.
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12-19-2023, 11:02 PM -
I love TLB, is a must have for me; I will donate, but no bitcoin, other ways?, thanks
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01-03-2024, 01:30 AM -
Thank you Yuri -hoping you all are safe able to make some decisions you feel good about making
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01-06-2024, 10:45 AM -
Tried d/l version 8.0 for my new computer. Link does nothing.

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