command line plugin suggesting files and paths?
Started by jjt3hii

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01-16-2007, 03:32 AM -
The windows run box or address bar will drop down a list of suggestions to autocomplete file names and paths. Can the command line do this somehow? for instance you type "c:\" and it shows a drop down list with all the files and folders on the c disk and further filters the menu everytime you type a letter.

I was under the impression it would, but mine doesn't, maybe i have some bug or does this feature not exist?
Yuri Kobets
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01-19-2007, 02:13 AM -
This feature is not released. I'll relese it in the next version. Thank you for suggestion.
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03-27-2008, 09:59 AM -
Sorry to bug you, but since the default address bar will be removed from the taskbar with WinXP SP3, I'm searching for a replacement.
I found your True Launch Bar with the Command Line plugin (v3.6). Alternative programs seem to be very rare. So I've installed the demo version.
I realized, that there is only completion of saved history entries, but no completion for all file names and paths. After searching the forums, I found this one year old post - so I'm not sure if it's about a predecessor ov version 3.6 and there won't be more completion features or if the "new" version isn't released at all.
Also I'm a bit unhappy with the propositions - so, if I enter C:\Docu, there will never be the proposition "C:\Documents and Settings... because you need the " at the beginning to get it work.

If there will come a new version supporting general auto completion, can you tell about the time we'll have to wait for?

Thank you

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