TLB as Start Menu Replacement?
Started by jmine83

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12-30-2009, 08:08 AM -
I would first like to say that I love TLB and I have been using the software for several months ever since the early Windows 7 RC release. I've always hated the standard Windows Start Menu & Quick Launch functions/organization and thought they were terribly ineffective and messy. TLB is absolutely the best, and ideal solution to what Windows should be in achieving a clean, organization layout of the operating system.

Anyways, I wanted to submit a modest suggestion of what I would LOVE to see in a future release of TLB.

The screenshots of the current beta of TLB look exceptionally fabulous, clean, and compliment the aesthetics of Windows 7 beautifully. And it would appear to me that TLB easily has the capacity to perhaps replace the standard Windows Start Menu altogether. Although, the current implementation being used to duplicate the functionality and look of the Start Menu is not quite the ideal solution I am hoping for.

Upon looking at TLB screenshots, I have noticed that you use the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" icon graphic, which is then used as a pop-up menu that lists custom functions and links to duplicate the standard Windows Start Menu. This function is a good start, but not the perfect solution.

The ideal solution I am looking for is a complete Start Menu replacement. Where I can click on the same Windows Start Menu orb graphic that glows when you hover over it, and what pops-up is a custom Start Menu generated by TLB. I noticed that apparently there is a Start Killer app that's been made to kill the orb altogether. I have not tested this Start Killer yet, but it is a step in the right direction. But, ONLY a step in the right direction if TLB can supply that same Windows Start Menu orb graphic "WITH glowing hover effect" to be used like the rest of the TLB quick launch menus. I do like the layout of the standard Windows 7 start menu and how it works, HOWEVER, the inability to custom sort the "All Programs" section, with various shortcuts and directories in ANY order I want, annoys me profusely. Menu sort handling in Windows is poor and ineffective, but at least with TLB in my experience, TLB handles custom sorting perfectly so that I can achieve my desired results.

So my request becomes, pretty pretty please, develop a complete Start Menu replacement program or function within the TLB program. If you can duplicate the same Windows Start Menu layout, with a Programs menu and recently used Programs menu on the left, and the same stationary Start Menu links and functions that appear on the right half, that would be awesome. And of course, please preserve the ability to custom sort any directory, file, or shortcut placed in the Start Menu by simple drag-and-drop. TLB seems to handle custom sorting fantastically at the moment, so please keep it up.

Thank you for your hard work on the TLB program Smile Please provide feedback if my request will seriously be implemented/considered or not.

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