change to new column for multi column menu
Started by rantanplan

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03-23-2010, 07:41 PM -
Hi Yuri
I am french and my english is not good ! I use tlb for a long time and I do like it, but ... I have a (small) problem ... For a menu with two column, I would like to define a new title WITH or WITHOUT a jump to new column because all software in my first column (====systeme=====) are not in the same column, but, two of them are in the second column.
I join two picture Before.jpg is what I have today and after.jpg is what I would like to have.
thank you ... have a good day.

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Yuri Kobets
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03-23-2010, 08:06 PM -
I plan to make some thing like "column break" in the future versions.

Currently you can try to play with the Maximum Menu Height option (in the Customize menu), set the view mode into the Default and the columns into 2. Changing the Maximum Menu Height you can make two column, first with all "System" and other with the rest items.

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