Can we move the True Launch Toolbar on the screen?
Started by benherrmann

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04-08-2010, 06:55 AM -

Just downloaded the True Launch Bar - wonderful piece of software and before I purchase it, I do have a question or two. For example, what I used to do with quick launch when I had Windows XP was to move the quick launch bar to the left side of my screen - where it would be attached to the left side. I didn't want it in the task bar area because I tend to put around 40 - 50 program icons on this bar.

Well, I have Windows 7 64 Bit now and I noticed that this true launch bar can only be used on the bottom by the taskbar and is not movable (unless I'm overlooking something here). So my question is, is there a function anywhere that allows you to relocate this taskbar. If not, then I can't see purchasing the software because of what I need this tool bar for.


Ben Herrmann
Yuri Kobets
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04-08-2010, 07:54 AM -
You can use the Standalone True Launch Bar. You'll find the shortcut in Start->All Programs->True Launch Bar

When you run the Standalone True Launch Bar you'll see the toolbar on the top of screen. Right-click the empty space of the toolbar and select "Toolbar Properties" to set the main options.

On Windows 7 this is the only way to get the detached toolbar. Windows 7 support the toolbars on taskbar only.
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09-28-2010, 08:09 AM -
Awesome.. Is there a chance for the standalone launch bar to undock on screen, so that i can move it freely anywhere? Perhaps run the standalone launch bar inside a windows sidebar gadget (just an idea).

ps: Sorry for bumping an old thread.

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