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Started by TheXenocide

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05-06-2010, 06:17 AM -
I'll be honest, I'm a Free Launch Bar user. I tried the full deal, but I don't really use the plugins and skins much, but I love the option to make folders menus, icon options and most especially the hotkeys. There are other hotkey programs and such, but I like the combination between the two. While using Windows 7 lately I've noticed that the hotkeys you set for applications in the taskbar work very similarly to clicking the item; this means the application/document/etc launches the first time your press the hotkey, but if it's still open when you click it the existing window is focused. I really like this for things like my PowerShell console where I don't always want to shell a new instance it makes it faster and easier than alt-tab et al.

That said I'd like to ask you to provide an option for single instance shortcuts, at least for the hotkeys, and maybe an optional modifier to shell a new instance (Windows 7 uses Middle Click or Shift + Click, I'm not aware of any keyboard modifier for shortcut keys). This would be great because I definitely don't want to keep pinning applications to my taskbar and Windows doesn't allow you to use the Windows Key for shortcuts. I would consider this a feature worth paying for.

Thanks so much,
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07-24-2011, 02:38 PM -
Cant help but wonder how you will talk moving like that....

Anyway, I love the hotkey options.

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