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Mail monitor improvements
11-29-2011, 04:17 AM
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Mail monitor improvements
Hi there,

I bought True Launch Bar a few months ago and I am slowly becoming a power user of it. It'sand amazing.

Mail monitor is a neat tool, so I figured I'd express my ideas about some improvements.

1. I have two accounts: my gmail account and my work account. When I'm at work, the emails I receive on gmail are not important, so I usualy read them when I feel like and have some spare time. So, in this regard, I would like Mail Monitor to give me a visual clue about which account has got new mail, so I know if it's worth opening the email reader or not. This can be easily done by showing the number of new mails in a specific color, which should be configured on the account settings page.

So, to be more clear, I will go with an example. Let's say I just got one email on my work address and two emails on my gmail. I would like Mail Monitor to show for 1 second (should be configurable) a red spot with a white "1" on it, then for another second a blue spot with a white "2" on it and to keep looping them. The red and blue should be configurable on each account's settings page. The number itself should have a black border so it can be visible on light colors.

2. The idea above should also be extended to the error "X", so I can directly tell which account has an issue.

3. The notification balloon: it would be nice to have it showing positioned on the Mail Monitor icon instead of the tray. I keep the MailMonitor next to the start button, so I have one notification on the left and one to the right, which is not handy at all. Whoever wants the notification to show near the tray area can put the MailMonitor near the tray and he will have it there. Or some checkbox in the general settings saying "show balloon in tray". In my view, the balloon is not really necessary to be a balloon, it can be a rectangular borderless popup showing on top of the other windows, left aligned with the MailMonitor button and the bottom aligned at a few pixels above the top edge of the taskbar.

4. The notification balloon should contain a clue about the current emails. Going with the example above, should show:
Work: 1
GMail: 2
where Work and GMail are the account names.

That's it. I really hope for these changes to be implemented, I consider them very good in terms of usability.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work,
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12-07-2011, 01:37 PM
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Re: Mail monitor improvements
Thank you very much for suggestion. I've added your suggestions into my todo list.

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