[Feature Req] Multi-menu columns reversed...
Started by kunkel321

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04-11-2012, 01:56 PM -
I like to have my Virtual Folder popup menus sorted such that the most recently accessed is closest to the bottom. (see image) That way the resent one is close to my cursor when I click (see red arrow).

[Image: goEzx.png]

I resently had too many items in the folder to show, so I was getting a scroll bar (which defaulted to hiding the bottom ones Sad ) So I made multiple columns (again see image). If possible, I'd love it if I could make the columns "reversed" such that the most-recently accessed ones would be on the left....

Also kudos: I only just now realized that I can customize the font and icon for the items in the virtual folder !!! Big Grin
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04-16-2012, 09:51 AM -
Actually a good work around for this is to open the menu, then right-click the menu title on the left side, then go to 'Customize Menu...' then choose 'Options' and at the bottom is Menu Align, which I set to "Right-Bottom."

[Image: ixr2N.png]

If I had more than 2 columns or if my virtual folder toolbar button were at the far left, this work around wouldn't have worked. FOr my current set up it did work though Smile

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