Serious Media Control 6.2 issue
Started by Shield

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Exclamation  04-14-2013, 09:59 AM -

I'm running Windows 7-64 / TLB v6.6 / Media Control plugin v6.2.

Until today I used only a single instance of the Media Control plugin in order to control my beloved foobar 2000 player. However, I would like to use AIMP3 for internet radio instead, and added a second Media Control in order to do so. But unfortunately, as soon that AIMP3 is launched, the foobar 2000 instance started to control AIMP3 as well !!

In both cases I made sure that the correct 'Path to player' setting was correct, and I applied the corresponding TLB support files to both players. However, I'm still unable to select something else than iTunes, JetAudio and Universal Player from the list. Not sure if this is okay? I suppose it is, because if I choose the Universal Player it works for both foobar 2000 and AIMP3.

But both instances always control the last player that was launched. That is fatal.

Did I miss something, or is this a bug? Is there any solution for this issue?
Yuri Kobets
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04-16-2013, 08:44 AM -
This is not a bug, this is by design. Media Control does not use the path to control the player. This system was designed to allow to control some supported player with single MC plugin, assuming only one player is running at same time.

But you are right, I have to make something solve your issue.
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04-16-2013, 11:27 AM -
Hi Yuri!

Thank you for your response. I noticed that the link to the player is also used for the controls tooltip icon. What causes the icon of foobar to be displayed even the control currently operates the lastly launched AIMP3... Confused

However, issues like this are the reason why I suggested this universal problem solver about a year ago:

It's the perfect solution for problems like this. It would allow to control the player using its command line options or - by means of some scripting language like AutoHotkey - whatever way it likes to be controlled. It would so much help us to help ourselves... HeartHeartHeart

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