suggestions for improvement Timer PlugIn
Started by LPS

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02-26-2016, 01:50 AM -
suggestions for improvement Timer PlugIn

it would be convenient if the plug-in "timer" after the show - signs with the completion of the reference on the label also shows at what time the countdown is put. Here is an example in the screenshot. Why - because - is away from the computer and the countdown ended plate showed the end of an hour or two ago - and you can not remember where you put the timer.

2-it would be convenient if there were an interval timer - that is, that it was possible to set the timer will be triggered every - for example - 5 minutes of a certain number of times or for example endlessly until you did not stop the timer - it's a lot van product where it is possible to use timers - for me, for example the implementation of this interval exercising and generally any repeatable task would be to throw in the timer. Button "repeat" - partially solves this problem but when the intervals are small - it's tiring to constantly hit her.

3-it would be convenient if when setting a timer could tick "timer to close the window after the operation or not," because now it is not closed and it is en always what you want
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04-29-2018, 08:50 PM -
It would also be good to have a pop up message or some other type of warning after reboot that a timer was on prior to rebooting. I set a timer, forget about it, reboot computer for some reason... and the timer is gone. A reminder is needed to avoid it.

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