how to run 2 instances of tlb... - yet make them seperate
Started by maurice

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03-24-2003, 10:02 AM -
im tryin to run 2 instances of the program, but make them both seperate. on the left side o want it to run with the quick launch bar and the mailmonitor and such, and then in the middle iw ant to have my regular running programs listed, and on the far right i want another instance of tlb thats running the clock and wather monitor. how can i do this? i have tried it and i got it to work, but as soon as i reboot everything seems to reset and both of the instances have the same exact stuff in them (which i dont want). is there anyway to make this work?
Doug Smith

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03-24-2003, 10:33 AM -
Read this;t=35

The answer about having two True Launch Bar is here

Also help us by reading this.;t=416
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03-24-2003, 10:37 AM -
Quote:is there anyway to make this work?
There is. You will need to create 3 seperate toolbars. First, you need to give each toolbar a unique name and directory in which to store shortcuts, plugins, and settings. To do this, right click on TLB, select "TLB Settings...", then navigate to the "Toolbars" tab. Click "New" to create a new toolbar. A dialog box will come up asking for a directory. This will be the directory where TLB will store the shortcuts, plugins, and settings for that toolbar, so make sure no two toolbars use the same folder. After you hit "Ok", you can rename the toolbar using the "Name" field, or just use the default. Just be sure to give each toolbar a unique name so you can tell them apart. Repeat this process for all the toolbars you wish to create. When you are done, click "Ok" to close the True Launch Bar Settings dialog box. Do not activate any of the toolbars at this time. To use the toolbars you just created, right click on the windows task bar - not TLB - and select "Toolbars", then "True Launch Bar...". There should be two entries for True Launch Bar. Select the one with the elipsis (...) at the end. Highlight the toolbar you wish to use from this list and click "Ok". You can then position this toolbar like any other windows toolbar.

Note: Each TLB toolbar will have its own settings, so changes made to one (skin, colors, etc.) will not affect the others.

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