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Started by IceCaveman

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11-08-2003, 07:54 AM -
As you can see on the screenshot I am using ballon tool tips. It's only possible to change the balloon text if the shortcut is to a program or system location but it's impossible to change description for web urls and folder menus.

You can see on my Ballon it says "Morgunblaðið á Netinu"
I want to know where that data is stored as when I open it with notepad I get this : [DEFAULT]

I want the possibility to change descriptions for all types of shortcuts but I think windows does not support it directly so you would have to add some extra data to the shortcut as some web browsers do. Know I don't speak clearly.

Also do you know where to delay balloons so they don't get displayed unless hovered for few seconds, or change transparancy or some other balloon related stuff

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