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Please add toolbar name to TLB settings window
02-25-2005, 01:23 AM
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Please add toolbar name to TLB settings window
I am running:

TLB v3.2
Win XP 5.1.2800 + SP1 with all patches (except SP2)
Via 266 + 768 MB

I have two (and sometimes three) TrueLaunchBars running at the same time. I often open TLB Settings for two or more TLB toolbar.

I start with one toolbar, change various settings and look at the toolbar to see what has happened. If the settng is what I want then I usually open the TLB Settings window for another toolbar and apply the same new setting to it.

It can be very easy then to get confused as to which TLB Settings window applies to which toolbar! :-0

Then after I have made changes to settings I usually backup the toolbars (using General Options). Again it can be hard to know which toolbar I am backing up at any given time!

My FEATURE REQUEST is to put a label on the TLB Settings window in the blue XP window border to show what is the name of the toolbar.

I hope this is not too difficult to arrange. Thank you!

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02-25-2005, 11:39 AM
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OK Smile

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02-25-2005, 12:59 PM
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How about a single TLB Settings dialog that you could easily select between all open toolbars with? Smile

Back once again...
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02-25-2005, 02:40 PM
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Hmm... interesting idea. I'll try to release it.

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02-25-2005, 04:58 PM
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Yuri Kobets Wrote:Hmm... interesting idea. I'll try to release it.

A single Settings dialog with options for all the toolbars could be very useful indeed.

If you do implement this then please consider having GLOBAL settings. I ask this becaise I find that if I want to change something (for example, arrows on menu buttons) on one TrueLaunchBar then I will usually want to do the same to my other TruelaunchBars.

This means I have to go through two, three or whatever Settings menu for one change. Then i go back and see what else I may want to change. Ugh!

A unified menu for GLOBAL changes (as well as individual changes) would be great.

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02-26-2005, 04:42 PM
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There are some small problem with this. TLB was designed to make toolbars independent. Generally TLB do not know how many toolbars are loaded. All settings are saved into toolbar folder. This model works well if you have one or two toolbars. To make same settings for some toolbars you can use profiles. But I know that this is very inconvenient solution.

Same thing with the buttons properties. While there were only some options for buttons (delete, hide etc.) the context menu was a best solution to customize buttons and menus. Now the TLB context menu become very-very huge Sad

How to solve all these problems? I know the only way: add the utility for customizing toolbar/menus/buttons. This will be an external utility with explorer-like interface (with items tree). This utility must edit the TLB files (like tlbdata.xml and setup.ini) and refresh TLB after saving settings.

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03-18-2018, 06:20 PM
Post: #7

I was hoping to revive the possibility of a settings GUI that would be easier to navigate and understand. I find the settings very confusing and it has taken me a lot of time (maybe 12 hours over 60 days) to feel only somewhat in control of them. Mostly, i think, there are too many pathways to remember, and not enough global perspective in terms of where i am within a global or sub-global hierarchy of settings, even within a single toolbar. (I love your program and have only used it for couple months, so maybe my comments relate more to my learning curve than your settings GUI design.).

This screenshot illustrates part of my confusion: [[img][Image: TLB_settings_GUI_3_GUI_screens_with_no_c...n_amon.jpg][/img] 3 GUI screens with no clear interrelation among them, at least for me.]

Your GUI for Customize Buttons [img][Image: TLB_settings_GUI_Customize_Buttons_GUI.jpg][/img] gives me more perspective on what I'm changing within a context of other options that I could also quickly access. Maybe there could be more settings screens with a similar design?

my current suggestions/requests:
1) Maybe the easiest way to help us create our own global perspective would be to assign a number to every single setting, and have a box in every settings window titlebar (eg: TOOLBAR 3, Settings 21-29, Go To Setting [xx] ) where we can type in the settings number to jump to that setting or to the screen which includes that settings number.

2) The above idea could still work with the existing convenience of small settings dialogues triggered via context menu, by adding to these small dialogues a similar titlebar format with a "Setting #xx" and/or always including a link such as "Open Settings TREE for TOOLBAR 3" or "Open this setting in the Settings Tree".)

3) Have one settings interface per toolbar such that any context menu shortcut to a setting would either: bring up that subsetting within that toolbar's clearly labelled/titlebared settings interface; or would bring up just that subsetting but with a Titlebar and Settings Number.

4) All settings menus pertaining to a particular toolbar could use a toolbar-specific color scheme. This would help generally and especially if the reality is that I/we all need to conceptualize that our own custom toolbar(s) are themselves the structure of their own settings and subsettings.

The settings GUI structure was also discussed here in this forum in 2003, with general approval of this example: [img][Image: Pu_TTy_settings_GUI.jpg][/img].
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