Problem with "Expand Shortcuts to Folders"
Started by cpriest

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04-03-2018, 08:23 AM -
Hello Yuri, long time since I posted here, I read on some personal snags lately; I hope that all turns out well for you.

I'm having some unexpected behavior and from what I can tell it "should" work, but doesn't seem to be properly.

I'm referring to "expand shortcuts to folders" feature which I have checked globally.

I then have a folder with shortcuts to a few folders as well as shortcuts to the control panel and some other "shell" folders.

None of them are expanding. Furthermore, if I right click on the main folder icon, nor the menu when opened, nor any individual shortcut do I get the "expand folder" or "expand sub-folders" options.

I'm referring back to a previous post or two that mentions this possibility such as:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Attached is a screenshot of the folder I'm not getting expanded (as well as the menu showing no expansion). I'm running the latest 7.3.5 RC1 though I was on 7.3.0 and it was also not working.

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