Ten Feature Requests
Started by David Tong

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David Tong

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08-09-2006, 04:01 AM -
Great product already Big Grin. Still, no harm in asking... So here are ten things I'd like to see included.

Context Menu Inaccessible With Borderless Menus
With Menu View set to ‘icons with text’ the clickable part of a button does not cover the full width of the menu. However if you select ‘multicolumn text menu’ or ‘default’ it does. This means that you can be left with no access to the context menu for a Menu. For example if like me you prefer to have no left hand border (no tick in TLB settings / ‘show menu caption’) there’s no area left to right click on. I’d like to see the same margins around the buttons in ‘multicolumn text menu’ or ‘default’ as there are in ‘multicolumn text menu’.

Opening Virtual Folders
Sub folders of virtual folders open when you click on their icons. It would be nice if the main folder did the same. Currently you have to right click and select Open. I’d like to see Menu Appearance have the option to 'run menu on mouse click’ (by analogy with the existing option 'run submenu on mouse click’)?

Global Filtering
I keep an auto-hide toolbar at the side of the screen containing virtual versions of folders that I need to access frequently. I’d like to exclude *.wbk and some other types of files from all of them at once. Is there a way to do this without doing it for each folder separately?

Pop-Up Tool Bar
If you expand a virtual folder in an auto-hide toolbar, the toolbar hides itself while you are still working in the expanded display. This is disconcerting and inconvenient. As the root of the cascade, I think the toolbar ought to be the last window to close.

It would be convenient if you could drag/copy separators from one toolbar to another.

Default Settings
I couldn’t find an easy way to find out what the default settings are. For example in TLB Settings /‘Fonts’ and in menu templates in TLB Settings /‘Context Menu’, the selection boxes says <default> but it would be nice to know what the setting actually is. It would also be useful if one could edit these default settings.

Colour Settings
I found setting the colour options for a toolbar not so easy. On a small display (like on my Toshiba Libretto U100) the colour squares are very small and difficult to assess. It would be easier if the little colour square that’s currently selected remained highlighted in some way. Personally I’d also like to see more shades of grey in the colour options.

Appearance / Move To Right
It would be useful if this worked for Plugins and separators as well as for folders.

Wireless Plugin
When used in a vertical menu it would be nice to have a ‘centralise’ option for the Wireless plugin. (Like the Clock plugin).

And of course (see previous post in 'BUGS' Tue Aug 01, 2006) :wink: :
Compatibility With Power Drawers
TLB conflicts with Power Drawers so it means I can't yet take full advantage of Virtual Folders in TLB.

David Tong.

PS. MS XP Pro version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
Shell Version:6.0.2900.2869
Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2900.2180
TLB version: 4.0
Junior Member

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08-21-2006, 05:43 PM -
Could you please make the FreeLaunchBar menu arrows, when the FLB is located on the horizontal bottom edge point upwards "^" instead of downwards "v". Also when the FLB is placed on the vertical right edge have the arrows point leftwards "<" rather than rightwards ">"?

I think FLB is nicely designed, well done and straightforward to operate.

Cheers, Joe Perches

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