Feature request: 'global filter' for a complete toolbar
Started by David Tong

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David Tong

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02-04-2008, 02:55 AM -
For two years I've kept about 20 most-used folders as TLB 'Virtual Folders' in a pop-up toolbar (see screenshot). I can mouse to any file on my computer in seconds and access it with just one click. Fantastic!

To avoid clutter from *.wbk files I apply a 'File Filter' to each virtual folder and its children. But it's a lot of work. I have to right-click separately on the first-level menu of every folder and use Customise Menu.

What I'd like is a global filter for all the virtual folders in the toolbar and accessible from TLB Settings.

Do you think this could be done?

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Junior Member

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02-05-2008, 12:05 AM -
Have you tried the option 'Apply to CHILD folders' in 'Customized menu'?
David Tong

55 posts 15 threads Joined: Jul 2006
02-05-2008, 08:21 AM -
Yes but 'Apply to Child Folders' is available only from a TLB menu, not from a toolbar... Sad

To make the issue clearer (hoping to catch Yuri's attention) I've spelt it out in more detail below. I seem to have three options. One gives me a dockable menu that auto-hides, but with no global filtering. The other two won't dock or auto-hide, but do allow global filtering. I've attached a screen shot of an example of each.

Option 1:
I construct My Menu directly in an auto-hide toolbar docked at the right of the screen. It pops-up when the mouse hits the right-hand edge of the screen. This mode is ideal except that I have to apply filtering separately to every virtual folder. (The context menu for toolbars doesn't offer 'Customise Menu' so I can't apply global filtering).

Option 2:
I make an auto-hide toolbar docked at the right of the screen as in option 1. I use New/Menu to add a button to the toolbar and construct My Menu in the menu for the new button. I can then right-click in My Menu and use 'Customise Menu' to apply global filtering to the Sub-Menus. The problem is that to access virtual folders you have to go through the bottle neck of the toolbar button. It's not nearly so convenient as Option 1.

Option 3:
This is an extension of Option 2 where I make My Menu into a Tear-Off and position it anywhere I want, while the menu with the original button stays hidden. Tear-Off menus are not 'dockable' and they don't have an auto-hide option, so I have to open and close it with a hot-key. However it's less fiddly than Option 2. (Note: for the Option 3 screen shot I left the parent toolbar visible, but normally I'd put the launching button in the Quick Launch toolbar and 'Hide' it).

I'd like to persuade Yuri to add a filtering option at the Toolbar stage. Option 1 would then be almost ideal.

The reason for 'almost ideal' is this: You'd expect to be able to double-click on a virtual folder and have it open, but it won't work like that. You have to right-click and then select Open from the context menu. This is cumbersome and seems a pity...

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